All of Vegas Connected and it’s programs operates by volunteers. Including our leadership. We are always looking for individuals who share in our passion and would like to join the team. Feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Lupe Soto, PhD
VCI President

Lupe Soto is currently a business leader in the poker industry. However, she has an extensive 20 year background in the non-profit sector. She has been the beneficiary of support to obtain her education, including a scholarship from the US Navy. These blessings have inspired her to give back in any way she can. Lupe has held positions as Executive Director of Social Services for Salvation Army, Director of Social Services for Planned Parenthood Prenatal Division, Executive Director of the Chula Vista Community Collaborative as well as consulted and implemented many program designs for various communities.

She was President of When Charity Works, Inc, which is now focusing on the Reno area which is why Vegas Connected was formed to focus on Southern Nevada. Ms Soto is currently leading our organization with creative event planning and collaborative program development for VCI direct services.

Rebbecca Scales, M.A.
VCI Secretary

Rebbecca Scales grew up in Southern California. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is very passionate about her community and bringing her energy to helping others.

She spends many hours volunteering where she co-founded a mentoring program that would help women identify skill sets and assets to pursue career goals. She also lends her expertise in marketing the VCI message and awareness in the community.

Espy Enriquez
VCI Treasurer

Espy Enriquez is an enthusiastic volunteer and has spent many years in the casino industry. Having moved to Las Vegas from California about 5 years ago, she immediately dove into volunteering in any way she could. And now, she has joined our board in an official capacity.

Espy’s knowledge has been invaluable in maneuvering the necessary support from the gaming industry which is such a major part of the Las Vegas culture.

She is often seen helping those less fortunate and exploring avenues to meet the needs of area residents in need.

Barbara Jones Zangaro
VCI Executive Director

New to our team is 2017 Golden Hand Service Award Recipient, Barbara Jones Zangaro. She has taken the helm as Executive Director for our Poker Gives and Vegas Youth Network programs. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her! As a volunteer extraordinaire, she has been coordinating efforts to help the homeless in Las Vegas with weekly distributions and supports families living at Shade Tree, a shelter for victims of domestic violence with an annual holiday giving program. We welcome her dedication and vision on serving our community.